Sunday, May 18, 2014

Random act of kindness

We were on leave last Wednesday. Hubby wants to collect his new IC at Plaza Masalam, Shah Alam so we went there at around lunch hour. Done with Jabatan Pendaftaran, we decided to have lunch at Pelita Nasi Kandar.

It's outdoor and during lunch hour so the place is quite packed. We managed to find a table far away from the smokers. I am a very paranoid mommy okey.

Unfortunately while we were halfway through our meal, I smell smoke. The guy behind us started to smoke :(

I told hubby that I would finish eating quickly and take Aisyah somewhere far far away from the smoke.

I think the guy heard me and immediately move to the other side far far away from us and continue smoking.

I was so touched by the simple gestures and immediately pray for his blessings. It is true that the simple things we did can mean the world to other people around us kan.

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